Metro Building Maintenance is a leader in providing professional janitorial cleaning services and building maintenance. Our company serves manufacturing facilities, offices, pharmaceutical companies, commercial buildings and residential institutions. We provide quality and cost effective services to many clients throughout the Triad area.

At Metro, our philosophy is expressed in the word “excellence.” By excellence, we mean to go beyond that which is ordinary, usual or customary. In todays highly competitive marketplace, the pressure to maximize profits by cutting costs has led many of our competitors to “cut corners.” Not so with Metro! Although we owe it to our employees, to theirs and ours future growth to remain profitable, we do not believe in doing so at the expense of our customers or the quality of our workmanship.

We believe in investing in our people and our reputation rather than in our advertising budget. To ensure that we will out-perform our competitors and constantly exceed the expectations of our customers. Metro has chosen a pattern of controlled and steady growth. We will never outgrow our reputation.

Metro’s philosophy of putting the interests of customers and employees first has resulted in extremely low employee turnover, a high level of efficiency and low absenteeism. Because we are primarily a service provider our employees are valued as investments, not treated as commodities.

The high level of skill and professionalism demonstrated by our people has allowed Metro to become one of the few companies to provide the design and implementation of GMP cleaning protocols.

In addition to paying attention to detail, we pay attention to our clients, their individual needs, and their suggestions. We believe that communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. That is why we have implemented a program of regular and comprehensive performance reviews by every client we service.

Finally, at Metro we understand that each time a client walks through your building, your corporate image and reputation are on the line.